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83rd Legislative Session Report

Check out the report on how the bills on GEAA’s legislative agenda fared during the 83rd session.

I am so pleased to report that all 15 of the “Bills We Hate” failed. Thank you so much for your calls, letters, and testimony! Five of these bad bills did make it to the Calendars Committee, which means we will have to watch out for them next session.

Of 27 versions of the “Bills We Love” eight passed!

The following bills are already passed ...

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Citizens Rally to Protect the Aquifer and Bracken Bat Preserve

The Bat Cave Is SafeYou folks certainly know how to get someone’s attention!

On May 29th over 200 citizens showed up to give San Antonio’s Mayor Castro and City Council an earful about why we oppose a high density development on the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone next door to the Bracken Bat Preserve.

GEAA was joined by Bat Conservation International, Alamo Group of the Sierra Club, Bexar Audubon Society, Continue Reading →