Texans for Every Drop (TED) is a group of forward thinking local business owners who are invested in the preservation of the Edwards Aquifer and Texas Hill Country. This campaign is aimed at establishing a connection between fellow business owners, their patrons, and each of us living in south Texas who depend on the health of the Edwards.

See a list of all TED Members on the donors page.

What Does It Mean To Be A Member of ‘Texans For Every Drop’?

  • You support the preservation of the Hill Country’s scenic beauty and cultural heritage.
  • You recognize that your business helps sustain a large part of what makes Texas a unique place to live and work.
  • You understand that the work of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance depends on support from business owners like you.

Benefits of Joining ‘Texans For Every Drop’

  • A colorful window/door decal identifying you as a business that cares about the “Hidden Heart of Texas”
  • Recognition of your business on our website, in our printed materials, and in e-mails sent to GEAA members
  • Informative social gatherings for news, updates, GEAA’s progress, and provide excellent networking opportunities

How To Become a Member of ‘Texans for Every Drop’

You have reached the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance Secure donation page for Texans For Every Drop. Please enter your business membership information below, and you will then be sent to a secure store page to complete your donation.

GEAA respects your privacy and we do not share your information with any other groups.

You can also send a donation too to our mailing address if you prefer.